Scroll Phat Hd and wunderground API key

Hello there,
I’ve started to play about with the Scroll Phat HD and the examples provided using the Pimoroni installer.
The one thing I would love to do is to obtain weather data, but the script no longer works as wunderground do not give out API keys unless you are submitting data via a personal weather station.

Does anyone know how to get this working with other weather providers?

Many thanks


I had the same issue with an applet on my Mac. Now I use a WeatherBug applet. WeatherBug uses local stations (schools, etc.) and is fairly reliable. I’d like to display the data on a Pi.

You may want to contact them at: and see if you can get data.

Please keep us posted.

Edit: I just found this but haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks for this, I’ll try weatherbug later today and let you kow if I get anything back.
I’ve just had a reply from Sandy on Discord, saying that the Inky Phat has an example that scapes data from the Dark Sky website.