Scroll Phat / Pi Zero Binary Clock

Thought I’d share a video of my little experiment with the Pi Zero and Scroll Phat.

I’ve sent @gadgetoid a pull request so this might end up in the examples at some point.

I took a family portrait too!

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Sweet, I have a RPi B with a DAC powering my bath music MP3. The Zero and the Phat DAC would do the same job much cheaper.

i really like my Phat DAC too. Going to investigate Volumio soon (too busy playing with the Scroll too!).

I would really like a Super-Phat DAC though with a headphone amp on board of it was 15 quid or so.

I was using Volumio but did not like it, I prefer to run the official distros and not respinned versions. I’m sat at my PC now writing a custom mplayer web interface in C++ and using microhttpd. Although like a lot of my home projects I may get board and not finish it. :)

I have projects like that!

The clock example is now in the scroll-phat github repo :)