Self-Configuring Pi WiFi Access Point

I used a Pi to do some solution modelling for a self-configuring Access Point as part of wider project automating the configuration of a Linux router. Seeing this as not only a chance to evangelize Linux, but as a tool to teach/learn networking using inexpensive, single-board computers, I’ve now opensourced the repo:

If you can edit a variables file to change some default values (ie: SSID & passwd) you can create a Pi WiFi Access Point to cover any WiFi dead-zones in your house in about 3 1/2 minutes ;-)

Additional Resources: Although the solution is largely self configuring, I’ve nonetheless created a Github Wiki page and YouTube video (see the wiki page for link to video) that walks the user through the install process:

Hope folks find this useful-

Terrence Houlahan, Linux & Network Engineer