Servo jitter


I was adding some more functionality to my robot buggy, a servo with an ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) to take distance readings at the centre plus left and right, to look for the largest clear distance. It worked well enough but the servo was very jittery when it stopped to take a reading. I played around with the programming with no luck I tried various remedies that Google suggested all to no avail. I had tried with a number of servos, all the same make and model and they all jittered, I have just purchased a higher quality servo and it works perfectly, rock steady throughout it’s travel and when stopped. looking to get another half dozen of these now. :-)


Well don’t leave us hanging there lufbrarunner, spill the beans, what previous servos were you using and what are you now using that you’re happy with. :-)


I was originally using Tower Pro SG90s I think I paid £9 for 6 servos, they are quite small & light and have nylon gears. I then got an MG995 £4 for 1 servo, bigger and heavier with metal gears and it is a lot more robust and reliable.