[Solved] Hyperpixel and Stretch

Is working with Raspbian Stretch on Graphical mode?
Because I can’t make the screen shows anything under Raspbian completely update on Graphic mode with my RPi3 but I can run on CLI with latest Raspbian on a RPi A+
In both cases the script don’t finish and I need to complete the installation manually.
Thanks in advance.

Is mandatory to use Legacy video driver and disable OpenGL.
Maybe this must be added in the Readme on GitHub.

Have you tried “GL (Fake KMS) Desktop Driver”? I found a thread that suggests it might work with DPI, but I’m not sure.

I will update GitHub accordingly.

Not, not tried but I think for me is enough with Legacy. But maybe I give a try to Fake KMS, only for have the complete picture. I’m going to prepare a short review for my blog and maybe the content (translated can be used to improve the GitHub page) .

Tried. And is working prefectly, thanks!

In short, use one of these options in

sudo raspi-config > Advanced Options > GL Driver and chose option G2 or G3:

  • G2 GL (Fake KMS) OpenGL desktop driver with full KMS
  • G3 Legacy Original non-GL desktop driver