Speakers producing static


My speakers producing nothing but static. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

EDIT: Maybe this would work?


Most people fix this by simply unplugging and re-attaching both sides of the cable.

Others have purchased a shielded 3.5mm cable.


I re-attached the speaker wires on the PCB and still the same.



Have you got any wires crossing the PCB near the speaker connector? I found that the amplifier IC is very susceptible to interference from the wiring to the switches. Once I ensured that no wires crossed this area of the PCB and I used a shielded cable the hissing/static disappeared.




Thank you I’ll have to try that as I know that it is very crowded inside my Picade haha.


Ok so I got the sound working by swapping the red and black speaker wires + and - around.