Spotify won't playback using Pirate Audio


I have been trying to get modipy 3.0.2 working on my Pi zero W, installed using February’s Buster build of Raspbian. I am using it with a Pirate Audio Line out pHAT. I added the Spotify and local extensions. Thanks to this forum, I was able to go around what is missing from the install script.

Also, I have local music playback working. So the pHAT works, I see the info, buttons works.

All but Spotify. If there was an Apple Music extension I would try that instead, but alas…

I have a regular, free Spotify account. It plays music via the browser. I tried to populate the config file with the username set to the username, as well as the email address. Spotify indicates a unique username for the account, different than the email address used for the web log-in. none work anyway. I received the token, and am using the authentication client ID and secret received.

My playlist appears in modipy, which seems to indicate the credentials are ok, and modipy is able to communicate properly. Or am I understanding this wrong? outside of “authorized” and an access token, am I supposed to see anything else?

Any help appreciated!

Needs Spotify Premium. Oh well…