Switching hdmi ports killed my hdmi?

I only got my pi4 4gb the other day. I had the hdmi in the wrong port the one farthest from the power cable. I changed the hdmi slot while power was on and now neither port will work. My tv shows nothing on either port.

Have i blown something like an idiot?

That shouldn’t normally hurt anything, as far as I know. I’ve done it numerous times with no ill effects.
I have to ask the obvious though. Did you power down / reboot the Pi after that happened with the HDMI in Port 0?
I have one monitor that for what ever reason won’t see my Pi 4B if I plug the monitor in after its booted up? If I plug it in and turn the monitor on first, no problem.
A static discharge wouldn’t be good if that’s what happened.
Do you have another monitor to try with that Pi?
Or another Pi to try with the not working monitor?
That would tell you which device stopped working.

I got it working with a new SD card. I think the previous one was a dud :)

I’ve had one SD Card fail on me and that can really throw you for a loop it it just sort of fails and gets corrupted. Anyway, good to hear you have it working. =)

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