Time to take your temperature! Unicorn HD display and temp probe

Hello everyone, say hello to Temperature Ted!

This is a temperature taking teddy which can display the current temperature read from the Dallas DS18B20 probe you see resting against his foot. The temperature is displayed on the Unicorn HD display in both celsius and fahrenheit. The bear itself was £4 from Home Bargains chosen because he has a ample sized behind so would sit without falling over. This ted had his insides removed and the furry white panel on the front cut out. The Unicorn HD is mounted on a wooden frame sewn onto the inside of the ted to stop it moving around and was then stuffed back again to stop his droop!

The display is controlled by a custom app that I wrote for my Android phone (a Nexus 5) and is a very simple Java program that sends a request to a Java server (a massive 4kb!) running on the RaspPi 3 in the box underneath the ted. The Pi connects to a wi-fi hotspot running on the phone making communication between the two easy.

You can see on the phone that there are also other features that the Temperature Ted can do. You can display your own message and also two of the very pretty demos supplied by Pimoroni which I call direct from the Java server, thanks guys for the pretty swirlyness!

You can see the Pi 3 in the picture when I lifted the box lid up. Using a Pi 3 may seem overkill but as you can see there is still plenty of room left on the breadboard for extra features like controls for moving arms.

The whole thing is run by the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh battery.

Enjoy and have a great holiday!