Ubercorn scrolling text

I purchased an Ubercorn during your recent sale.

I would like to use it to scroll Christmas messages. I have successfully used the text.py unicornhathd code to get text scrolling but the speed is far to fast. I can’t seem to find where in the code to slow down the scrolling.

Can some one point me in the right direction.


hello, I’m no expert ,dont even know how to code, like yourself i have to search for answer .line 126 in the link below ,shows code to slow down the text ,maybe you can add it to the code you are using ,good luck ,https://github.com/pimoroni/unicorn-hat-hd/blob/master/examples/rainbow-text.py

I believe thats done via PIL. The answer may be somewhere in here.


I’d try what Jack posted first, if it works it will save you a lot of searching and head scratching etc.