Uh-oh I think my Drum Hat had damaged



My Drum Hat has arrived today. I put it on Raspberry Pi 3 board.Drum.py and other files are running fine. Until place on a phat stack for trying out an Itty Bitty Beat Box. Piano Hat is also placed there. Few seconds, Piano Hat IC chip got really hot. I found the problem is that the ribbon cable connected the wrong way… so clumsy of me. I should have read “Getting Started with pHAT Stack” from Pimoroni Yarr-University in the first place… :: sighing:: I did tested Piano HAT on Raspberry Pi 3 board, it is still alive. Whew! Then, I switched to Drum HAT to test… Uh-oh… Is there any hope that I can get it restored?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/Pimoroni/drumhat/examples/drums.py”, line 48, in
drumhat.on_hit(drumhat.PADS, handle_hit)
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/drumhat.py”, line 41, in on_hit
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/drumhat.py”, line 178, in setup
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/cap1xxx.py”, line 286, in init
raise Exception(“Product ID {} not supported!”.format(self.product_id))
Exception: Product ID 0 not supported!


it’s possible for sure ,did you notice any smoke come from the hat ,my python sucks so im not sure what any of that code means ,sorry ,i have toasted a couple of hats now putting the cable on backwards, ,so i stopped using cables and connect a Pi Zezo directly to the beat board , i find sometimes i have to reboot my Pi to get the drum hat to work on my itty Bitty Beat box ,but i think it just because i hard shut it down after using it . pi zero under board ,no need for cable


when you put the drumhat on the pi are you running it from the pHat stack setup or from the file for the drumhat in examples


From the file for the drumhat in examples.

Piano Hat works well on pHAT Stack on only section B 2- C 4. It looks like section 1 is toasted. I have not tested on A 0 until I noticed this morning. I said to myself “oh,there is more section? I must really tired last night”

Today, I do not want to give up my hope for Drum HAT. Still no luck. Thank goodness, I bought it from Ebay cost $9.99 and free shipping. It was brand new and unopened. Very nice deal, right? That is okay, I might reorder it if that seller has more of it. My husband told me “Its okay, I don’t mind buy you another one. No big deal. Same thing with two coffee cost $10” True but still…

Oh, there is no sight of smoky but do smell “burnt”. When you touch on the chip, it hurts your finger. Could not believe how tiny chip can be extremely hot enough to burn your hand or finger.


thats really hot for sure, if you smell burnt then its likely fried ,I think that code you are getting is because the python code isn’t seeing the hat ,you have to watch items on ebay , they are sometimes Chinese knock offs.,did it ship from china


The error message may mean the ID eeprom was smoked. IE the drum hat is no more.
I try to avoid using the ribbon cable were possible. I’ve put a 90 male on that end connector, the one your supposed to connect the ribbon cable too. Then put a female on the bottom side of the Pi Zero. My Pi Zero can then be plugged into the top pointing up. Jack’s way will work too. His way your Zero can be used normally. My way kind of locks it into a special use scenario. I have enough Zero’s kicking around that I don’t mind dedicating one to use with my mini black hat hacker. I don’t have a pHat stack “yet”.;)


Normally, where electronics are concerned. Once you let the magic blue smoke out, said object becomes a door stop or fancy paper weight. =(