Ultimate Raspberry Pi Retrocade Media center


Well, aside of internal speakers and lighting this cabinet is complete. I used a raspberry pi official 7" touch, raspberry pi 3, pibow coupe (optional). a cigar box, a craft box, 8xarcade buttons, 1 arcade joystick and zero delay button joystick to usb controller board. . 7/32 or 1/2 inch thick ply wood., spray paint, battery and battery bank regulating pcb…blinkt, hacker board, ribbon and usb cables.

The cigar and craft box were choose to make a template for the cabinet from because they fit the components well. The craftbox, much like a generic cigar box, was fitted with the raspberry pi3 mounted to the touchscreen. I cut out what was needed to sandwich the the bottom of the box between the touchsceen and layer of corkboard & foam I cut to line the inside. The pi itself is in the box. Now once the cabinet is complete I can slide this in and screw to the inside side of box to cabinet.
The cigar box on the other hand was the first component to the assembly, then sides and faces.
I run a ribbon cable from the pi and from edge of the top it connects to a blinkt.
I started with a fresh Raspbian desktop most recent. Then did the Retropi and kodi installations on top. although it boots directly to retropi can just drop to prompt and type “startx” for the windows type desktop. Because I used the offical screen via csi cable I still have a free HDMI port to connect to tv as media system. This is the ultimate all-around pi project for my kids and myself to have in our living room.