Unable to set up my enviro sensor

I have been trying to perform the provisioning process on my new Enviro grow sensor for the last week.
I go through the whole process of filling in the information and every time I get to reset board it loads for a bit only foe the the statement a “Problem Occurred” and “The web page couldn’t be loaded” to show. Even though I am supposed to connect to the sensors wifi I thought the problem might be related to the fact my Macbook cannot connect to the internet, so plugged it into the an ethernet cable, but still the problem hgappened.
As well as this a “The information is not secure” pop up appears throughout the process, but I assume this is to do with apple’s privacy system and not the root of the problem.
I have checked that the wifi works, the password is correct, used a different wifi, checked the adafruit IO key and username have no mistakes, and still the problem happens.
The other thing I have not been able to do is access the config file in the sensor to try and perform the provision process through there, I am not sure if its because one has not been made or if I am not looking for it in the right place.

If anyone has experience with this problem or has ideas on the solution I would really appreciate any help. Many thanks.