Uninstall UnicornHATHD?

Is there a clever way to remove the Unicorn HAT HD files from a PI?
pip3 list
shows that unicornhathd 0.0.4 is installed
sudo pip3 uninstall unicornhathd
Not uninstalling unicornhathd at /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages, outside environment /usr
Can’t uninstall ‘unicornhathd’. No files were found to uninstall.
I have moved my hat to a different pi and wanted to remove the module and replace it with the simulator.

It’s not ideal but one way out is to just reimage your SD card with PiOS and start over fresh.

Thanks - currently working on an Ansible script to do just this (but new to Ansible).

Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi
The imager will do it all for you, you just have to decide if you want lite or with desktop.
You could have moved the SD card to that other Pi along with the Unicorn hat. The current version of PiOS will boot up on any Pi model. It’s only older versions of Raspbian that won’t boot on a new PI like the 4B.

I considered that but it was originally in a Pi4 (with desktop) and I was moving it to a zero - so I wanted as lightweight an install as possible.
That and I was using it as an exercise to document all the steps I need when setting up a new system (eg I always forget how to configure git)

I hardly ever use the Lite version. On my headless builds, when I’m all done with setup, I just set it to boot to command line to save resources. It’s what works for me. ;)