Use Octocam to control mains using 433MHz

So I have got an octocam running opencv on Buster functioning as a burglar alarm, cpu loading around 60%.

I have used 433MHx TX’s to control mains equipment using a B2 model so naively thought it would be simple mod to octocam.

I cannot get it to work reliable, distance between Octocam and 433Mhz plug is less than 2 metres. It is still unreliable if I stop the opencv script.

Same TX module and software works every time on a PI3.

So my question is, has anyone used a PI0W to drive a 433Mhx TX to control mains equipment. I am using the rpi-rf library.

I cannot see why it should not work but it is driving me to drink during this lock down period, speaking of which …