Using an InkyPHAT with a Phat Stack

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit stuck… I have an InkyPHAT connected to a phat stack. Also on the stack is an EnviroPHAT. All connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B. The phat stack is connected to the Pi via the ribbon cable.

Now, if I connect the InkyPHAT directly on to the board, I can update the screen with a python script. However, if I connect the InkyPHAT via the phat stack, it will not refresh - and the python script runs as normal - doesn’t complain. The enviroPHAT always works. I’ve tried the InkyPHAT in the stack on it’s own, in a slot that the EnviroPHAT worked in, but it never refreshes.

In short, the InkyPHAT works well when connected straight on to the Pi’s GPIO pins, but it never works on the phat stack, even on slots that I have worked with other boards.

Any advice on what might be wrong is much appreciated!



Did you solder the headers on the pHat Stack?