Using gfxhat buttons after mounting in a box

I recently purchased a gfxhat and I have it working displaying information from my Owl Intuition water heater. However I would like to mount it in a box to make neat job of it and I can’t see any way to use the capacative touch buttons once I’ve done that. Is there any way to do this?

I can’t tell from the photos on the site but it looks like the touch pads are bare gold. You could solder a thin wire to each pad and move the “buttons” to a case.

Interesting. I don’t know much about how these capacitive buttons work.

It’s fairly straightforward. The board puts a tiny charge on each pad. A finger touching it will discharge the pad. The board senses that. A thin wire (22-24 gage) and a small foil pad at the end can extend it.

ok I might experiment this weekend…

I discovered that you can adjust the sensitivity in software so that the buttons can still be read even if theyare behind a layer of plastic. This might be all I need. I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere to explain this, I found it by looking in the code.