Video Snaps: No Audio

Hi all

Anyone have any issues with getting the video snaps to playback audio in Emulation Station? I’ve got other system sounds - clicks etc, but nothing with my video previews? I’ve checked all the audio settings and tried various combinations but have no luck.

I have a feeling it must be some config that needs to be added to the emulation station config - something like telling it to use the asoun.conf. I know we’re basically “tricking” emulation station into seeing the Picade-Hat as PCM. I think the video preview audio has been overlooked. Anyone got any solutions?


Im having a similar issue. When I have omxplayer ticked, I get no audio in Mame videos but audio in everything lese and when I un tick it, Mame works whilst the rest goes off. Think it might have something to do with how the audio is encoded in some of them.