Wifi Retropie Transfer/reading issue



Yesterday I used my windows 10 pc to drop some roms onto the Pi over the network, which I’ve done many times before - but since last night it seems some of the ROMS folders are empty or missing Roms… Particularly the PSX folder as this is the one I was looking at.

On my picade all the games that were working before are still working, but no matter what I’ve tried I can’t seem to see the contents of some of these folders.

So far I’ve tried:
Disconnecting and reconnecting to the network.
Restarting/fully shutting down both devices.
Checking the linux file manager on the pi.
Reinstalling the core packages.

This may be a coincidence but the night before I tried (and failed) to make a backup image of my 64gb sd card using win32 disc imager - but nothing else seems to be affected other than the visibility of the files over network…