Windows IOT - VL53L1X Time of Flight (ToF) Sensor


I was wondering if someone would be able to help,
We’re currently building our robot for Pi Wars 2020, with the aim of trying to do everything on the Windows IOT platform. We have however run into a little snag with the TOF sensor.

As there isn’t an IOT library for the sensor, we’ve been basing it on this:

we’ve used this as the basis and have tried numerous variations on writing/reading bytes at various registers based on the API, we have even recreated the SensorInit (as best I could) from the official API but I can’t get a sensing read.

we can get some readings (see pics attached) which confirms that I am connected to the device etc, i.e. the value 41 I believe to be the sensor address (0x29), but nothing which seems to relate to distance.

We only need functionality to be able to get a distance in mm, and a way to change the individual addresses so that we can have multiple sensors (~4) in each robot

Do you have any suggestions on where we could be going wrong?


Our Python library is just a wrapper around the C API that the manufacturer provides, which we bundle with the library, so we haven’t really done any of the hard work that you’re trying to do.

Phil (who did the Python library) says that he wrapped the original API simply because it was so complex to rewrite in pure Python, and that’s probably why they provide the API 😆 He also says that he thinks that the VL53L0X is likely to be quite different to the VL53L1X.

Sorry that we can’t be of much more help than that.

Thanks Sandy, we got a VL53L0X and it worked pretty much straight away! Think we’ll have to save the VL53L1X for a rainy day without the 5 week Pi Wars deadline 😋