Wireless plasma kit - not working if not connected to PC

I’ve plugged the Plasma Stick 2040 W in, installed Thonny, updated the configuration with WiFi, coordinates, etc, and it runs. I’ve configured main.py to run the weather script, and it runs as expected. Unplugging and re-plugging it in to my PC works and the weather script runs automatically. All running fine.

The problem is that I want to power the Plasma Stick via mains rather than USB and I have a cable for this. I plug the cable in and, after a few white flashing lights, it settles on red. My experimentation seems to indicate that it’s something to do with being unable to access the API, likely either a network issue or an API one. It’s definitely not the original main.py script.

And then I plug it back into my PC and it runs fine - still remembers the WiFi configuration and runs the weather script.

How can I use the weather script without needing to keep it plugged into my PC?

Original instructions which work fine up to the point where I want it to keep running without using my PC. The description in the shop suggests that it should be possible via a power pack: Assembling Wireless Plasma Kit

For anyone else who encounters the same problem, it looks like the solution is to turn it on and off several times and cross your fingers as you do it.

This sounds like voodoo. Once the program is on the RP2040, it only needs a stable power source to run. Power packs are usually not designed to supply stable voltages, so this might be a possible source of your problems. Also, cheap chargers also fall into this category.