Wiring question


hey there. I can’t tell how to tell polarity of the buttons from the docs. I am older and my eyes are not great and it’s possible that there are some super tiny markings that I’m just missing, but I am stuck in my build right now because it seems like wiring them wrong could blow sh*t up. from my text photo can someone advise which is positive and which is negative for the yellow button in the center of the photo?


If they are not illuminated there is no polarity. It doesn’t matter which way you wire them. What happens when you push them is that the two terminals are shorted together. Take your finger off and its an open circuit.
They are normally open momentary contact switches. Like a doorbell button.
The only time polarity comes into it is if they also have an LED etc that lights up. Those would be a separate extra set of contacts, and even if you got it backwards, worst that would happen is they wouldn’t light up.


thanks, appreciate the info and fast response.


No problem, glad to help. Enjoy your picade.=)


one more quick question, is there a diagram out there somewhere that describes the black buttons’ roles? they’re described as ent, esc, etc in the instructions but I don’t know how to tell which is which in terms of placement in the case.


I don’t own a Picade myself. Where you put them is likely personal preference, if the manual doesn’t specifically state it. Just remeber where “you” put them. The enter I would likely put on the front. Especially if its also the coin button.


It’s written on the inside of the side panels for two of the buttons (esc and ent) But you program it in during the initial set up if you want to change it so you dont need to get it lined up (I dont think).