Xhat & USB Hard drive

Hey all was thinking of getting a harddrive loaded with roms and putting it into the picade…

my questions are.

  • will the Xhat power a hard drive?

  • will the retropi pull roms from the images on the hard drive?


As to the first question, I think its more of a question of whether the Pi can supply enough current to drive the hard drive. Its limited to 1.2 total Amps across the 4 USB ports. The Pi 4B anyway.


thanks once again ill give it a try and see what happens!!

looks like the pi cant handle the power output to run both the screen and harddrive as the picade just flicks on and off with both plugged in!!

It may not be ideal, but you could power the display separately. Remove the USB cable going from the display to the Pi’s USB port, and replace it with a Pi Micro USB power supply. Try it as a test, it will give you ~ 1 more amp to play with. This is assuming 1.2A is enough to drive the hard drive.

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Ill give it a try. thanks again!! :)

To my Raspberry pi 4 (with the fan shim) i have connected a 2.5 "and 2TB disk through the USB3 port without any problem. It works perfectly without any extra power.
I say this in case someone can serve as a reference.