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Learning Resources

This is the place to share and curate and tutorials, guides, books, videos and more that might help others learn about engineering, programming, electronics, the Raspberry Pi, software, GitHub and anything else maker!

The Bilge Tank

Welcome to the Bilge Tank, the weekly live video show where we answer your questions, show off new and tasty products, projects and modifications.


Discuss Picade! Talk about your build, ask questions, show off your awesome mods!


Share your projects with everyone!


Build your next great idea in minutes, not hours. Hassle-free digital tinkering for everyone with Flotilla for Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi

The credit-card sized computer from good old blighty.

Arduino & AVR

Covering all AVR platforms including Ardunio, Trinket, Teensy et al.


Get your digital bling on!


Circuit design, components, datasheets, and oh my!


Running an event? Let people know about it!