Enviroplus and noise

Warm welcome awesome Pimoroni community

I tried to add noise level to my sensor tower project.
I am using enviroplus with RaspberryPi3 B+

and I tried to run noise example but I hit an error:
“sounddevice.PortAudioError: Error querying device -1”

My guess is that I need somehow someway add enviro’s noise sensor as input or something …
but I can’t figure out how to do it.

i wrote this code in python to see what I can detect
import sounddevice as sd

and I can see:
< 0 bcm2835 ALSA: IEC958/HDMI (hw:0,1), ALSA (0 in, 8 out)
1 bcm2835 ALSA: IEC958/HDMI1 (hw:0,2), ALSA (0 in, 8 out)
2 dmix, ALSA (0 in, 2 out)

What I should do? Any clues?
Thanks in advance.

Have you managed to figure this out?

you can set the device that you want to use by doing:

sd.default.device = <id of the device from query_devices()>

my guess is that the device you want to use is 2, by elimination as 0 and 1 seem to be HDMI devices