11x7 Matrix

Can some one show me how to select an i2c address in your python examples please so I can get 2 running at once. I have cut the track on one. But where to specify the i2c address.

It’s likely something like this
matrix11x7A = Matrix11x7(75)
matrix11x7B = Matrix11x7(77)
And then change any reference to matrix11x7 to matrix11x7A or matrix11x7B.
I don’t have one to try it on. The only duplicate breakouts I run are SPI not i2c. So far anyway.

Looking at the constructor for the class:

def __init__(self, i2c_dev=None, i2c_address=0x75):

So you may need to specify matrix11x7A = Matrix11x7(i2c_address=0x75) in case it tries to interpret the i2c address as the i2c_dev value.

@Shoe I was hoping you would chime in on this. I think you have a much better handle on this than I do.

Heh, I’ve spent plenty of time pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to use i2c. I’m happy to help out if it saves someone else the hassle!

Same here for a lot of things. Most of the time its “this is what finally worked for me” lol.

I’ve used a lot of i2c breakouts. But haven’t had the need for two of one type, not so far anyway. Sensors mostly, no i2c displays.

Ths worked perfectly
matrix11x7A = Matrix11x7(i2c_address=0x75)
matrix11x7B = Matrix11x7(i2c_address=0x77)

Thanks for the help.

Saved that info for future reference. ;)