3D-Printing items for Flotilla & Raspberry Pi


Congratulations Pimoroni with your successful Kickstarter Funding for Flotilla for Raspberry Pi!!

Order a Raspberry Pi 2 and I am looking forward to receiving the “Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit” and using it in combination with SolidWorks CAD Software & 3D-Printing to design some interesting projects.

Also looking forward to working with others to design projects for Flotilla to share.



I’d love to see some 3D-printed Flotilla projects- it strikes me that it may be possible to print around modules, too, incorporating them right into a design. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


It will be fun designing items to share for Flotilla … As soon as I receive the Flotilla items I will draw up just their ‘outside’ dimensions and connection areas so that we can design items to work with Flotilla parts. For them to fit on or around them and I will share the CAD files and any 3D-Printing STLs on my GrabCAD page at: https://grabcad.com/charles.metaldesigner/projects … or on my Website at: https://ctmprojectsblog.wordpress.com/about/ … CHEERS!!


Located in the USA ~ Jan 6, 2015 ~ Will we get a tracking number to know when the Flotilla Treasure Chest Box will arrive? Excited to start experimenting with it!! :-)


i made some items for the printer:

Flotilla Motor holder for lego because i needed a better combination with the car we designed with my son.


Flotilla dock stand in 2 peaces


i made this with tinkercad and shared it to improve

happy printing


This lego motor mount is exactly what I need, thanks for that! Unfortunatly my 3D printer will probably never arrive (kickstarter buccaneer).


Well Done!! I imagine you will come up with many more creative items in the future ~ Would enjoy seeing them :-) CHEERS!!



here is my next thing. Where you can create something with 2 Motors an. It is still an idea of a swing boad. You can use 2 pencils putting in the holes.


This is sweet. Damn I need a 3D printer so badly. But the cost to get anything worth having!