A few questions wrt to tft and touch


I’ve received my new 7’’+touch the other day. Great. Just plug & play (after several updates).

  1. Can anybody post the specifiaction of THAT 7’’ TFT, like pining, power, colors etc? Somewhere i read, the display is now rotated for better viewing angle. What about viewing angles at all?

  2. After playing around, i disassembled that board again. I just wondered what is the purpose of the TINY88?
    The FT5406 is CTP-IC with I2C Interface. What the hack is TINY88 doing?

  3. What about the pining of that touch? Can anybody help?

  4. What about schematic of that adapter? For Raspi it easy to find.

Any help/pointer is welcomed.



These are questions best posed to Gordon of the Raspberry Pi foundation, he’s the source of all the technical information we have, which doesn’t quite stretch to in-depth specifications.

The viewing angle is mentioned in the comments of the official blog post:

The TINY88 is, I believe, for controlling the LCD backlight.

No idea about the pinout of the touch, or anything else for that matter!


ok, great. Thank you. Will give this a try.