About PIM569 (using arduino)

Hi I’m first visiting at this site!
I`m trying to experiment and get data by using “PIM569” and “arduino”.
But, Ican’t get data of “I2C”、、、

I have some question.
① Can I get data by using “PIM569” and “arduino”?
※ "Raspberry Pi " dedicated only?
② If ① is anser [yes] , may I teach the library of “PIM569 for arduino”


This breakout uses a Nuvoton IO Expander which means drivers written for other MICS6814 boards won’t work - there are Arduino drivers for the IO Expander here: GitHub - ZodiusInfuser/IOExpander_Library: An Arduino port of the Python library for the Nuvoton MS51 Pimoroni IO Expander Breakout

There’s some discussion on this thread if you want to look into writing/adapting your own Arduino driver: MICS6814 - Typical Resistances

Thank you for your prompt reply!

The chat on the Japan didn’t solve it, so I came here.
After all, this breakout doesn’t work, does it? The IO expander is something I don’t know(I’m just beginer), so I’ll study it.

Thank you very much.

Hel Gibbons.