AdaBox 003 - Feather HUZZAH ESP8266

I have received today the Adabox 003 with the board Assembled Feather HUZZAH w/ ESP8266 WiFi With Stacking Headers.
When i plug it to MBP usb the leds flash for 1ms and then turn immediately off after that no sign of life on the board :-)
The board gets also not listed in serial ports usb_to_UART.

May the board be defective? I tried also plugging a 3v battery into the jst jack but same as when i plug it to mac usb, leds turn on for 1ms and turn off.

Could someone clarify me if i am doing something wrong? Already being disappointed from the content of Adabox 005 and then the feather from Adabox 003 does not work!?

Thanks in advance.


Could someone please guide me to the right direction?

Have you installed the SiLabs CP2104 Driver ? That sounds like why you can’t see it listed in the serial ports.

Instructions are here for installing it:

Yes, i have installed the driver and followed the steps described here: but without success.

I am new to the Feather Boards World and thought i am making something wrong.