Adafruit Feather M4 Express and Adalogger RTC

Just got a Feather M4 Express and Adalogger Featherwing RTC and SD. The SD card works with the card info program from the Adafruit website but the RTC doesn’t seem to work. Again, I’m using the Adafruit software, and set up the IDE as detailed for the M4 Express, but the RTC isn’t detected. I get the same response if the logger pcb isn’t even plugged in.
I’ve fitted a battery and using the example program, Examples->RTClib->pcf8523.
Complies and downloads ok.
Do I need to make any mods to the example program to work with the M4 Express?

Hello, anyone there?
Or should I return the Adalogger as faulty?

Your best bet would be to ask on the Adafruit forums, since they’re much more intimately familiar with their own products -