ADS1015 +/-24V ADC breakout, pinout issues

I’m trying to figure out how to connect this breakout, but the code is not helping too much.
So i’ve decided to trial and error by connecting A0/A1 to +12v/0 and A2/GND to +12v/0.
But the readings i get don’t make any sense to me.
in0/ref: 1.240v
in1/ref: 1.240v
in2/ref: 11.702v
in0/in1: 1.240v
in0/gnd: 27.342v
in1/gnd: 27.321v
in2/gnd: 37.782v
ref/gnd: 27.342v

Any idea why? I’m basically using your example code.
Does the 3-5v need connecting?

Also, do you have plans for a current meter?
Thank you.

Yes the 3-5V pin needs to be connected. It goes as follows
3-5V to GPIO pin 1 (3.3V)
SDA to GPIO pin 3 (SDA)
SCL to GPIO pin 5 (SCL)
INT to GPIO pin 7 (GPIO 4)
GND to GPIO pin 9 (GND)

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that’s the GPIO side. There’s also a 3-5v on the ADC side, that’s the one I’m asking for.
Thank you.

AH, OK, that I don’t know? Now that I see it I’m kind of wondering why its there?
EDIT: I would think that what ever voltage your measuring will have to be referenced to Ground. The ground on the ADC will have to be connected to the ground of the voltage source your measuring.

The people to ask about this are Phil @gadgetoid or maybe Sandy @sandyjmacdonald