Advanced Trackball Uses

First off, I love that you guys made this… Ive been looking forever, sparkfun discontinued theirs, and the china copies of the sparkfun didn’t inspire confidence, so thank you. Ive got it running perfectly, done some code mods, and have it auto booting with the desktop so I don’t even need to command line anything. But generally speaking what direction might I need to go to get this talking to an M0 chip with circuitpython to get usb HID? Am I going to need to install mpycross and compile custom libs or is it simpler than that? If not circuitpython is there an arduino route that’s been done because I see it referenced on the product page but not the repository. And last question, if I were to wire it up to the i2c breakout on the back of my hyperpixel4, how exactly does the logic work on the interrupt pin of the touchscreen, and what would happen if I also used the same pin for the trackball interrupt?

No one? Not even on the hyperpixel4 interupt logic? Youre really gonna force me to buy an oscilloscope? Lol

Having the same problem, but in combination with a sonar distance sensor, which also uses interrupt 4, I found out that it is not mandatory to use an interrupt for the trackball:

from trackball import TrackBall
#trackball = TrackBall(interrupt_pin=4) #example code from Pimoroni
trackball = TrackBall() #do not use interrupt
trackball.set_rgbw(0, 0, 150, 0)

This seems to work, at least the TrackBall() is accepted. I’m not totally sure about the results of the sonar, so I have to experiment to find out if the trackball doesn’t silently use interrupt #4 after all.