Airquality and breakout garden

hi all,

i want to keep track of air quality in my home and ive started logging things with the bme680 and the breakout garden. the basics seem to work, i am logging temperature and humidity but in the next few weeks id like to investigate what else i could measure.

one concern i have is that i have a bit too much CO2/CO in the attic and id like to accurately measure this. there is a “air quality” of sorts on the bme680 but i am also looking at other sensors. as far as i am aware the bme680 does not directly measure CO2/CO. i might not fully understand the sensor, but this is my impression.

does anybody have advice? preferably i’d like to measure ‘all the things’ but i don’t know what the easiest next step would be. there are other sensors (like this sparkfun thing and this adafruit thing, but id preferably keep everything on the breakout garden and i don’t know if these sensors will integrate well.

Replying just so I can see how it goes for you. I have the BME680 and the air quality is the only part I’m not currently using. I had a go at adding the code I found in the examples, to my existing python code but got all muddled up with syntax errors and improper indents etc. Had to give it up for now. Will have another go at some point though, maybe next week some time. I’m having a really hard time figuring out what the code does and why?

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yeah it was a bit vague to me too. it seems to measure some form of electric resistance but that could be a proxy to many things.

Have a look at this, may or may not help, kind of explains why they went the way they did though.

From Bosh documentation :
“BME680 is a metal oxide-based sensor that detects VOCs by adsorption (and subsequent oxidation/reduction) on its
sensitive layer. Thus, BME680 reacts to most volatile compounds polluting indoor air (one exception is for instance CO2). In
contrast to sensors selective for one specific component, BME680 is capable of measuring the sum of VOCs/contaminants
in the surrounding air. This enables BME680 to detect e.g. outgassing from paint, furniture and/or garbage, high VOC levels
due to cooking, food consumption, exhaled breath and/or sweating”