AS7262-Python Project at GitHub HELP


I’ve been looking for python libs that would help me getting the values of my AS7343 and AS7341 spectral sensors, but only got to pimoroni, that has a python lib to AS7262, which has, to my mind, the same way to build them, but instead a six-channel spectral sensors, the above are 10 and 14 channel spectral sensors.

pimoroni/as7262-python: Python library for the as7262 spectral sensor breakout (

So, in due that, there’s any way that someone could help me to get this on? I mean, i’m trying hard for that university project but still stucked into this part where I do not find any python lib to read those values from these sensors.

By the way, thank you for reading.

If you search Github, there are a number of C/++ libraries for the AS7341. You could look into how to call that from Python. Adafruit has a Python library, but I’m not sure if that’s CircuitPython or standard Python.

You seem to be out of luck for the AS7343, though. You would need to write it from scratch, which would need some I2C experience.

At first, thanks for the response.

So, there is no way to adapt this github as7262 to the 7343? like… the library on init has a module named get_calibrated_values and a class CalibratedValues, I was thinking about changing these blocks to recycle for the as7343 and the as7341. Isn’t possible?

Yeah, I don’t have any experience with I2C…

By the way, what it the diference between standard python and circuitpython?

Isn’t possible?

It may be possible, but you may need some knowledge of how I2C interactions work, as the module for the AS7343 may not query the AS7341 properly. In that case, you’d have to go through the datasheets and re-write some of the code which drives the I2C interactions. It’s not hard if you know how, but you’d need to learn that first.

By the way, what it the diference between standard python and circuitpython?

Well, first there was Python. This couldn’t be used for microcontroller chips, as those chips didn’t have the RAM or ROM storage for Python. Then someone created Micropython, which is Python for microcontrollers like the RP2040 or M4 chips. Micropython was really written for engineers, though, so Adafruit made their own version of Micropython to support their products.

It’s very similar to Python, but there are some occasional differences.