Automation:bit and touch

I have an automation:bit which works well for turning things on and off but now I want to add a simple touch control. in the past I have used a routine which averages analog reads to set an untouched threshold for a pin and then a similar process to get a touched value which is hope fully different. However as part of the averaging process I reset the pin to high after each read. In makecode I can do this by doing a digital write following the analogue read on the same pin but it looks as though this is not possible with the automation:bit as digital and analogue seem to be separated. can anyone suggest a way I can do this? ideally in makecode?

thanks in advance

This should get you access to a regular pin to do it the way you used to.
It may not be very elegant etc, but should work with what you have now.

interesting many thanks. its not ideal but interesting

I was thinking those exact thoughts when I posted it.

I have a couple of Micro Bits, I don’t have an automation bit though. Just some breakouts that plug into a solderless bread board.

Another option is to use the cricket for the Micro bit.
Capacitive touch support built in and almost everything the automation bit has. I think all its missing is the relay.

thanks again for the reply, i have looked at the crikit before and will probably get one whether or not i use it for this project. I actually got the touch function working without any extra hardware although i have no idea how or why!

I have the Pi version of the Crickit. Haven’t done much with it so far. Trying to remeber why I bought lol.
Now that it is working I’d make a backup image of that card. ;)