Automation HAT, analog read incredible slow?

Hi guys,

First post :-) Got me a Rasp 4 for Xmas - with the Automation HAT, very nice!

My first project is that I need to log 4 “digital” signals - the Automation HAT only has 3 digital IN, so I thought I’d use one Analog In as well.

Added the analog read into my Phyton script and it works - but my “gut feeling” is that the analog read is about 1000 times slower than the digital read? can that be right?

I need all 4 inputs to be as “time”-synchronized as possible - I’ll log their respective “high times”, which will be tricky if the analog one is as slow as a turtle…

help ?!

// Lazze

What voltage / logic level are the signals your reading?

Basically everything that is more than +1v is “high”.

I have 2 options, a 5v signal or a 24v signal that comes from a switchboard.

Do you have a suggestion for Another HAT that has more digital Inputs? buffered and handles up to 24v

// Lazze

I had noticed that GPIO 25 was bought out to a contact point on the Automation hat. It could be used as a digital input but it will only tolerate a max of 3.3V. 5v will damage it so thats out.

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The schematic for the Automation Hat is here and it shows what’s used to make the buffered inputs. You could likely make up a fourth circuit. If you can source the parts and know how to solder etc.

I found this but its all analog.

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