Automation hat - how about some information?


Just received by hat today and I’m either missing something or there is a real lack of information about the ADC.

I hooked up an adafruit 10k thermistor using 5v and the adc is reporting 2.7v which is actually a little high according to my meter. Watching the results this is acting like a 10 bit adc (adc range looks more like 900 than 1023).

So that tells me that I don’t know what the reference voltage is or the library is rounding strangely.

So what is the reference voltage for the ADC? The only clue I have is the web advert that says 24V tolerant! Is it really a 24V reference? If so, how do I set the gain in python? The code says I can, but there’s no example and if I just include a number in the call it gets all upset about the number of arguments.


This is the protection circuit in front of the 3.3v ADC:

I’ve also updated the reference documentation with this information, and info for the other devices: