AutomationHat: Sample C code?

Is a small C application example available? I’m not familiar with python. I’m looking for C interfacing details.

even a .h showing how RPI pins/resources are used on the automationHat?

Or a schematic of the hat I can work from?


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The pinout is here, if that helps

And the schematic is here

Once you know what IC’s are used you can hunt around for C code for them. The link to the schematic was on the product page by the way. Easy enough to miss though.

Thanks! I looked several times on the product page … sorry I missed it.

I’ll plead guilty to missing stuff and skimming over stuff, especially product pages. I usually go right to the GitHub page and or Python examples. Thats actually the first link to an actual schematic that I can remember seeing. People have been asking for them here in the past, looks like they are listening to us and responding.
Here though, I think you’ll find most of what they sell Pi wise, is geared to python. Its as near as I can tell, what the majority are using. I had zero coding skills when I started out. I’m not half bad Python wise now. Lots of head banging and Google searches at first though. Not so much now.
I dabble with Arduinos and they seem to be C orientated so its looking like I’ll be learning some C at some point.

Thanks for the help - I seem to only see blue links (the schematic) – the bolding should have been enough.

I’ve rediscovered a package I used for its SPI comm funcs; completely forgot it also covered i2c: bcm2835 C library:

that pinout at was a real help, thank you!

should be on my way,
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Good luck, have fun. =)