Availability of 6" segmented displays

I see that Sparkfun do a 6" 7 segment display, yes a whole 6 inches! https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8530
The segmented displays I have so far are tiny in comparison but the shipping costs and transit times from the US (everyone wants their latest shiny purchase quicker!) makes it unrealistic for an hobbyist purchase. So… will Pimoroni start stocking these beauties?

We’ve got no plans to stock them at the moment, they’re a little rough around the edges for our usual fare. We’ll keep it in mind, though.

It looks like Proto-PIC have them in the UK, at least- https://www.proto-pic.co.uk/7-segment-red-65-display.html

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Thanks for the reply and the link, I will have a look!