Badger 2040 W - battery vs. usb

With the badger on usb power, it’s nicely responsive. However, on battery, the exact same image reacts differently.

For example, the QR code app usually doesn’t launch when selected from the menu. Also, when it launches, it flashes the ‘no qr codes’ text, despite a qr code existing. When I press up or down, the QR code appears. The happens both on AA power and LiPo.

On USB power, the QR code app launches straight away, and straight away displays the QR code.

This issue (unreliability of A+C combination) also seems to just happen on battery power:

I’m running the latest image (v1.19.16 micropython).

Issue reported here: Erratic performance of badger OS when using battery · Issue #6 · pimoroni/badger2040 · GitHub