Battery backup/POWER IDEA

Hey guys Im 99% sure that pimoroni makes what Im looking for, but at work the search function doesn’t work and displays garbage in the shopping ares, so I cant find it, but heres the deal.
Building a laptop/tablet hybrid. Pi4 and 10" screen (maybe larger in the end)screen wants 12V.
I had a battery made and everything works GREAT, using a buck/boost converter to drop down to the RASPI.
BUT in my current design I have a slider switch for BATTERY/AC power, but every $49 tablet at walmart has the ability to charge the battery while running the tablet.
In another forum I was recommended a hat like THIS:

and was told that PIMORONI makes one.

But heres the queston I cant get answered. See I own the one in the link, its far less than great, but for my cell phone projects it works pretty well.

HOWEVER as I said, my battery outputs 12V, to be exact its an 18000 mAh 12V Li Ion battery pak. It will run the Pi4 and screen all day!

But I don’t know that much about batteries and charging, but simple math says taking something as big as mine and plugging it into something that normally takes a 4850mAh 5V battery, is just NOT going to work.

Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated.

EVEN if you have a lead on a 10-12" 10point touch screen that runs at 5v for under $150


The only thing we sell that’s close to that functionality is the Adafruit PowerBoost, but’s designed for 3.7V LiPo batteries, really.


Thanks for the tip, now here’s the question that I probably already know the answer to, but since I know I don’t KNOW the technical side of it, IM going to ask anyway.OK, 2 of them…

  1. SO if I bought the powerboost 1000c I’m imagining that I can not then plug my battery into it to charge/discharge the battery through?

  2. I know that one of the boards I looked at, again Im at work so I cant see any of the details about yours, actually had a second port on it, so you could effectively plug 2 of the recommended batteries into it, so if it came with a 4850, you could actually plug in 2 4850s and extend the charging time. DOes yours do that?

Thanks for your rapid reply