Battery for picade


Right now I’m using a Kmashi 15k mah battery pack to power my picade. You CAN experience some brownouts if you overload the system (like running volume too high or adding other USB things like keyboard etc) but it works great if you want a portable power supply.

I actually have two battery packs so I can power the monitor separately. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Just put mine together last night.

Just wanted to let everyone know that it was possible to go portable.


That sounds good, I’ll have to try that. I have a RS usb battery pack that has two ports.


Wow! How long does that even last? :-)


I ended up switching to a 20k mah battery pack. That thing lasts forever. In fact I have played for a few hours and it’s still almost fully charged.

One problem I noticed after the original post: When you are gaming if you try to do a save state or load state… opening the menu can sometimes cause a brownout loop where it keeps flashing the screen. When that happens if you can click on the save or load state between flashes then it will go back to the game and resume as normal.