BH1745 breakout schematic



We are using the BH1745 RGB sensor breakout in one of our prototypes, but we are now about to move everything to a custom PCB. Can you share the schematics of the BH1745 breakout? I’m trying to understand how the LEDs are hooked up to the BH1745NUC INT port. Looks like the INT pin is switching a dual MOSFET in the tiny 6-pin package which is in turn driving the LEDs, but I’d like to verify that with the schematics. Also useful to know the parts used!



Never mind, figured it out already. Took a magnifying glass and a DMV and finally figured out what an Open Drain Nch output is :)


Yup it sounds like you’re on the right track.

The dual MOSFET package you mention is for the I2C level shifting.