Bildge Tank 118

I’m liking the new Micro Bit accessories. =)
I have a question though, the Enviro:Bit says Air and Weather? It doesn’t have an air quality sensor on it does it? And, can the light sensor measure the UV index?

No, and no :( It’s very basic stuff.

Ok, thanks, still way cool with lots of features for that price. , thumbs up. =)

Extending on what @gadgetoid said, the BME280 (the “air and weather” sensor) does measure air pressure, humidity and temperature which is better than the one on the micro:bit.

Welcome aboard @aidancuckoo
I have a couple of the BME680’s in use here. BME280’s would have sufficed though as I’m currently not using the air quality part.
The BME280 is what’s on the Enviro Bit. The Micro Bit itself, as far as I know, only has an accelerometer and compass on board. There are no other environmental sensors built in.

Hey @alphanumeric, the temperature is actually measured on the microcontroller rather than a dedicated sensor so, hope that answers your question!

I have two Micro Bits here, haven’t done anything with them in a while though. What I meant was it doesn’t have an ambient air sensor on it circuit board. One that will give you room temperature etc.
Still a nice little Micro controller for the price.

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