BME280 Breakout connections and I2C address

I have connected four wires (2.6V, SDA, SCL and GND) and I am not able to detect the corresponding I2C slave address of the BME280. There is a terminal 0 (like diameter) and I don´t know what to do with it. Is it required to connect it to GND or VCC?

The terminal with the circle and slash is not used, just leave it unconnected. Some breakouts use it some don’t.
What does i2cdetect -y 1 show? Anything else connected to i2c?

I decide to pay attention to your observation and I removed an LCD that was connected together. Doing again an I2C detection has appeared address 0x76 belonging to BME280. Repeating with LCD connected everything is OK and working perfectly. It seems there was a witch to make it go wrong. Regards

Well, at least its working now.