BME680 addon board changes

Hi, I’m running 4 long term BME680 boards, I’m in Tenerife and we had a forest fire a couple of weeks ago and I have some results, difficult to explain. However one problem I’m having is that I’m getting ‘gas resistance’ measurements in the Mohm region, in fact my longest running BME680 board topped 100Mohms during the forest fire, I can’t explain what is happening yet, but my concern is that 2 of my new BME680 boards are topping out at 12.9468Mohm. I can’t believe the resistance is other than the circuitry or sensor. If anyone has a suggestion or has come across this resistance limit I’d be pleased to know about it. 3 of the boards are showing these very high peaks, the 4th has only been running a few days and I’m running that at 100 degC, where as my others are running at 360 deg C. I appreciate that people run the boards at lower temps than I do, but the gas effects during the forest fire are interesting and I’m trying to rule out sensor problems. I’ll try to find a way to share the data sets or a plot of the gas response, but I failed when I tried to upload a png file of the trace. Thanks for anyone that might have some info.