BME680 timesleep


with the example, the timesleep is 1s, that works fine. but if i want a timesleep of 60s, i only gets 6 readings, when i pick a timesleep of 30s, i only get 2 reading? someone knows a solution for that?


Could you post an example of how you’re changing your code?

What do you mean by “only gets 6 readings,” is the script exiting after outputting 6 readings?


i just change the number in timesleep from 1 to 60. but then i get only 6 readings and then nothing anymore, the script is not exiting but just not doing anyting anymore


i changed the timesleep to 60, but then i only get i couple of reading and then nothing anymore


Sorry- you’ve got me completely baffled! I need to dig up a BME680 (for some reason I have a draw full of non-working ones and no working ones) and try to recreate this. There’s no rhyme or reason to a delay causing this sort of problem- unless some other factor is at play.