Buttonshim to read/write pin values?

I have an functional bash script project that currently uses an LED and two buttons connected to the GPIO pins on a RPi 3 B+. I would like to replace them with a buttonshim and NOT modify the existing bash scripts, if possible.

Can this be done by modifying the control-main.py file included in the GitHub examples? I simply wish to continuously monitor the value of gpio18 (the old LED) and be able to momentarily set the values of gpio3 and gpio4 (the old buttons), but I’m not sure of the correct buttonshim methods required to do this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!



The button shim pinout is here

It uses i2c for communication. The button presses are picked up by an IC on the board.
Buttons driven through an IO expander (TCA9554A)
Single RGB LED (APA102) < Programmable Smart LED

I don’t think its going to do what you want, not easily anyway.