Cable wanted

Hi everyone: anyone. I’m trying to find a usb mini 8 pin to micro usb cable, preferable a coiled short one. I’ve got a usb mini 8pin to usb2 if there was a shim but I’d rather get just the one correct cable. Anyone be seen any for sale? Thanks.

I think this might be the kind of thing you’ll have to splice yourself.

The 8-pin connector is a non-standard, proprietary connector that just happens to have USB lines on some of the pins alongside, for example, AV out (depending on the device it’s in).

What devices are you trying to connect? You may be able to find a connector pinout for your specific device here:

I’m a photographer and I’m trying to connect a device to my camera through its tethering port. Thank you, I will have a look.

I’d be surprised if the camera supports any kind of USB host. Canon EOS series with Magic Lantern firmware? We have more than a few photographers in our midst!